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de feu et de pluie

AFFICHE (1).jpg

Collective Exhibit - 16 artists 

Fondation Clément, rooms Sucrerie and Carré (400M).

22 sept - 11 oct 2021

The volcano impacts human life far beyond science and disaster. For this exhibition, artists were asked to work on the volcano and the eruptive process as a metaphor, even the essence of creation. Six works were created for the exhibition: Respè twa fwa installations by Christian Bertin, Composition Tellurique by Hervé Beuze, Sismograpahie Mega-poetic  by Julie Bessard, Tropical Bliss by David Gumbs, Le jour d'après  by Ricardo Ozier-lafontaine and the triptych Un demiurge by Jean-Baptiste Barret. The other works were chosen based on this parallel between construction / destruction / reconstruction by man and by the volcano. The works speak of memory, chaos, spurts and tremors.

List of events for this exhibit: here 

the exhibit in the making  here

see the exhibit on the Fondation Clément's web site  here



1 ( 180x200cm ).jpg

Exhibit of the artist Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine

Fondation Clément, rooms Sucrerie and Carré (400M).

25 MAI - 18 JUILLET 2018

The verb “reset” in English has several meanings ranging from the reinitialization of a computer to the reduction of a fracture. For Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, the term evokes two ideas that are intimately linked in his work: memory and healing.

RESET is a cosmogony, a story of the creation of the universe, which allows for explaining as much as regenerating the world. 

List of events for this exhibit: here 

Catalog English/French here

Short promotional video here

Video with the curator and Benoit Berard, anthropologist here




Exhibit of artist's books  [Habdaphaï] 

Salon International du Livre de Martinique, 

Conseil régional de Martinique | 2 -8 December 2013

Work-shop Sculpture books and performances

Extract du projet

Habdaphaï created a whole series of accordion books, that results from successive folds and collages. On those sculpture books, he inscribes with an invented alphabet of signs, a potential story that the reader will be able to create. He thus refers to the “leporello”, proposed by Ben Patterson, of the Fluxus movement. His sculpture books place the reader in the position of an actor, because the order, the very position of reading, is not imposed; the form of his books lends itself to reading from any end, in any order, and the text remain a creation of the reader-actor. They are performance books.


Porteur de mots  - Habdaphaï.

ste lucie 2013.jpg

Alliance française  - Sainte Lucie  |  22 - 25 october 2013

A series of sculptures books and performances work-shops with students from Alliance and different schools of the Island.

A performance  : Regards démultipliés, With musicien and poet Jobi Bernabé and percursion. 

An exhibit of drawings and pastel  Porteur de mots series 

Extract of the project :

A visual artist from Martinique, Habdaphaï has always been interested in the transcultural specificity of the Caribbean islands. This formidable melting pot of races, languages and religions, forged multicultural peoples whose true language is still under construction because the many parts of this whole have not finished adjusting and the syncretic being is still in gestation. On his engravings, drawings, paintings, and performances he tracks down buried memories, as much fictional as ancestral.  Who says memory, says story and therefore transmission. A notion that underlies his practice and that is why I chose to combine his exhibitions with workshops where he can accomplish what I think is the most essential part of his creation: meet and sharing.


Porteur de Mots (ex-votos). Tournée des alliances françaises 


Ecole nationale des Arts (ENARTS) and Alliance française de Cap haïtien

Exhibition of drawings from  Porteur de mots series and sculpture books

ENARTS | 12  -19 October 2013

Performance work-shop with students of ENARTS 

Performance Regards démultipliés at Port au Prince

A series of sculpture books and performances workshops  open to the public at Alliance Française du Cap Haïtien. 

Exhibition drawings Ex-votos series at Alliance française de Cap Haïtien ( 16 - 21 October)

Performance Regards démultipliés at Alliance Française de Cap Haïtien

Extract of the project : 

Habaphaï's creative process always starts from the melting of cultures in Caribbean space that perpetuates in time, and where the origin, the passage, the present and the future never cease to merge. That's it pictorial syncretism, which is expressed by a very material practice, in which on abstract backgrounds Habdaphaï almost obsessively traces the signs he has invented/uncovered over the years, thus constituting a sort of alphabet that allows him to question the renewed ancestral forces present in the formation of mankind.


Porteur de mots

belem 2013 - Copie.jpg

Exhibit drawings Porteurs de mots series 

Galerie Teodoro Braga de Belém | 

Performance Ces 'Aires 

Ritualized Sculpture books installation 

Workshop sculpture books at the Institut des arts et and at alliance française de Belém box at the Salon du Livre de Belém

Sur la série Porteurs de mots, lire ici

Extract of the project :

 A former dancer, Habdaphaï often paints on the floor by turning around his canvases, like a dancer, and like a dancer what matters to him is the gesture. From the dance he also kept the appreciation of the contact with the public, hence the frequent work in installation and the practice of performance. The creator / spectator co-creator relationship necessary for the performance is a track that guides his research whatever the field of production considered.



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